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How common is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia has no specific test to diagnose the condition, yet it is becoming more common and has increased 200% to 400% in the last 10/15 years. Stats show 4-8% of the global adult population suffer with Fibromyalgia.

What is fibromyalgia? is fibromyalgia a disease?

Fibromyalgia is a recognised medical condition. Hans Selye, the ‘father of stress research’, proposed that there is only one disease, “failure to adapt”, the price of not adapting would be unhappiness and disease. Selye was unable to take into account those whose stress response is being triggered on a subconscious level. Therefore, this could mean that Fibromyalgia has a psychophysiological origin, the mind, your thoughts impacting your body. 

Perhaps an adverse experience has created a negative emotional memory image (EMI), which is stored inside the mind. This EMI constantly triggers the stress response, causing deregulation of the HPA-axis and a hormonal imbalance. The downstream impact on the body produces physical and cognitive symptoms.

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia include

  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Restless legs
  • Irritable bowel symptoms
  • Bladder problems
  • Disturbed sleep/Insomnia
  • Numbness/tingling and hypersensitivities
  • Cognitive impairment/brain fog

how do you get fibromyalgia – fibromyalgia causes

The cause of Fibromyalgia appears to be psychophysiological, studies into adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) have shown abused children to be more likely to have this condition. The negative emotional memory image (EMI) created after the adverse event, then continually triggers the stress response, causing a hormonal imbalance.

Early signs of fibromyalgia

To discover the early signs of Fibromyalgia, check out the research into adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s). Early signs may include:

  • Difficulty maintaining attention or concentration (ADHD)
  • Irritability/quick tempered
  • Increased anxiety
  • Detachment/dissociation
  • Emotional regression/childlike behaviours in an adult
  • Aggressive play/inability to share
  • Wired but tired
  • Feelings of guilt/shame

How painful is fibromyalgia

How does anybody know how someone else perceives their pain? Fibromyalgia pain can range from 0 to a very painful 10 on the same day.

i have fibromyalgia now what – diagnosed with fibromyalgia

Do you want support to help manage your condition or do you want to sort it? To date, there has been no definitive cause put forward in the literature as to the onset of Fibromyalgia – fact! If you want to sort it, then you need to understand its origins. Hans Selye, the ‘father of stress research’ rejected the symptoms model of specific disease and focused on a patient’s reaction to stressors within their environment. Therefore, if we look at Fibromyalgia from Selye’s perspective, the condition is a failure to adapt to your situation. This psychophysiological approach allows us to understand why children who have suffered adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s – see studies) are more prone to developing Fibromyalgia. 

A negative emotional memory image (EMI) is created after the traumatic event, it is then stored in the mind’s eye as a threat alarm. Whenever anything similar to the original experience occurs, the EMI raises the alarm, triggering the stress response. This, in turn deregulates the HPA-axis and floods the body with stress hormones. Over time the constant drip, drip of these hormones become toxic to the system, resulting in associated symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

Hypnotherapy for fibromyalgia

Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries to relax the mind and body. If you suffer with Fibromyalgia symptoms, especially pain, then hypnosis can help to massively reduce your symptoms. Hypnosis has been shown to change brain chemistry, as calming words translate into soothing mental medication for your body.

My Audio Download

Having fibromyalgia can mean that you have chronic pain and fatigue, so your body will constantly ache, with only fleeting moments of relief. Many sufferers claim that the constant tiredness and brain fog are probably the worst symptoms of the condition. 

Ultimately it comes down to how your mind approaches the idea of you living your life. If your unconscious mind sees it as a large threat, then your primitive brain will spring into action causing adrenaline to pump through your veins, whilst simultaneously shutting down the smart brain, leaving you feeling exhausted, isolated and anxious. By helping you transform how you think about life you may be able to clear the fog and use all of your brain. Learn that you have control over your emotions may be just what you need to help you for years to come.

This audio production is designed to help you, the listener with gaining more confidence, energy and vitality when you want it. By clearing negatively charged Emotional Memory Images from your external screen, your mind and body are able to adapt to the present moment, freeing you of the mental clutter that prevents the arousal centre of your brain from functioning optimally. This audio is your own personal 1 to 1 session with Matt, always available at your convenience.

Matt’s calming, assuring voice gently guides both your conscious mind and unconscious mind towards transformation through the left and right ear respectively. By tapping into the body’s psychoneuroimmunilogical mechanisms – the link between the mind, nervous system and physical wellbeing – this audio helps your brain to improve its cognitive processing ability so your mind will be free to run brighter, colourful movies where you can reconnect all of your desires, experiencing them fully, through thought into action.

For best results, listen to this audio download first thing in the morning or during the day, every day for 4 weeks. Ensure you’re free from interruptions and distractions when listening. Download now to start building up your learning power and transform your current thoughts into powerful drivers for change.

This audio is a .MP3 file, compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC’s and other electronic devices.

Audio length: 30 minutes.

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