Non-Verbal Communication

Underneath your conscious level of awareness you are saying much more

Non-verbal communication accounts for as much as 93% of your communication with another being. A reported 55% is body language, while 38% is tone of voice.

Without training, we have a subtle intuitive awareness of the subtext of what people are saying.

Is it truthful?

Are they happy about the message they are communicating?

Matt’s work focuses on the art of observation, looking specifically for body movement, facial cues and eye direction to access the unconscious mind.

Verbally we are able to lie, to hide facts, to skimp on the truth but physically the body does not lie.

The body is controlled much more by the unconscious mind which has a greater access to subtle truths, fears, traumas and content that we would rather not consciously access.

This is in part how a polygraph (lie detector) works.

It reports the difference between the conscious communication (the voice) and the physical body (sweating and heart rate).

When the two misalign, this indicates at least part of the story is untrue.

Biofield Science

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Sub-Conscious Mind

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Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication accounts for as much as 93% of your
communication with others

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