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“After one session with Matt, I have had no recurrence of the pain”

When I was 15 I had a bike accident, which caused me to have considerable pain because I’d gone over the handlebars and basically torn up half my face on the gravel. It caused me both a lot of scarring and a lot of pain at the time, but the pain was on and off for the next thirty years, and from the beginning, I’ve been looking for answers as to why I’ve had pain from my accident. The interesting aspect of that bit that’s probably led some of my career in a slightly funny direction because I could never really get answers of the type of pain I had, I couldn’t really get any proper answers for it and I didn’t seem to fit any of the textbooks or any of the classical pictures of trigeminal neuralgia or any type of neuralgia, or any are sort of oral-facial pain. So professionally I was always just reading and hunting around looking for some answers! Medication didn’t particularly make any difference, I had a couple of bits of different drugs where they basically gave me to dampen the pain as they would in trigeminal neuralgia and the drugs just used to make me feel absolutely terrible! This was basically pain that I can remember from morning till night and it just did not go away.
After one session with Matt, I have had no recurrence of the pain and I haven’t had any pain for the last three years, and it hasn’t come back so it was a complete validation of the work that he was showing and one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen.

“If I wouldn’t have met him I wouldn’t be here anymore, I’d be dead”

I was sitting in my car and in one hand I had seven strips of xanax and in the other hand I had my phone and in front of me was a tree and I had to choose, and I didn’t know where I could go from there, there was just too much! I was stuck and I needed to be able to move again and I couldn’t. So I called the doctor I got a lot of tests done to see what was wrong mentally and physically, and basically what the tests were saying is that my body was killing itself from the inside out. My insides matched my outsides more than I could hope and the cancer was back and having cancer twice I didn’t know how I was going to get past this. I was trying so hard to understand what was going on. I was trying so hard to understand my problems and there was just no solution. After 25 years of therapy looking just for about anything I could find to survive what was in my head, the images that were in my head and I went to Matt and I sat with him for not 25 years but for 25 seconds and the one thing that was stopping me the one thing that was paralyzing me he just neutralized it he took it away and I walked out of there thinking if I can if I can spare one child that the grief of having 30 or 40 years of pain and suffering and doubt then this was the work that I had to do.

In the next three months after that I intensively worked with Matt and with the learning body-mind work and after three months without thinking about it at all I called my doctor and he said that the results of the tests were that I had gone from two and a half million to twenty cells and that the results were amazing and that he didn’t know how I had done that so I can honestly say that if I wouldn’t have met him I wouldn’t be here anymore, I’d be dead, yeah I’d be dead!

“It’s just one man but the ripple effect of this work is huge”

I was diagnosed with M.E chronic fatigue that I had for more than 15 years the first two years of that I was bedridden. Prior to that I’d been a senior executive in a global communications company and then just not really understanding what was happening to me, the mental fatigue as well as a physical fatigue. Having been diagnosed with M.E by this top neuroscientist in London, whose advice was don’t do anything more on a good day than you would on a bad day. I left there feeling totally helpless, hopeless, and started to look at other ways of managing coping or a treatment, a cure for M.E. That took me across Europe and America, in the UK I have literally looked at just about everything under the Sun for a fix a cure a treatment for this disease. Some of the treatments it did help me to manage my symptoms, to manage the ME but still not sorting me out, not enough for me to be able to go back to work. Three years ago, waking up and realising I just didn’t want to feel this way anymore, to such an extent that I spoke to my husband to ask him to consider institutionalising me. I wanted the drugs, I wanted to be put out of my misery and not feel this way, I didn’t want to die but I didn’t want to live anymore.

I had been to my GP in that state of total despair both of us crying with each other because there was nothing he could offer me. He said he wouldn’t even refer me to the resident psychiatrist and it was at that time I was introduced to body mind workers and to Matt Hudson, and that started what I can only say is an extraordinary recovery!
The more I learn about this work and about what Matt has developed and is still developing, the more I learn about me, and that helps me with other people, with my relationships. It’s just one man but the ripple effect of this work is huge, I don’t know how to put it into words, what Matt’s done for me! I’m alive! I’m more than alive I’m living, I’m living every day!

“they just try another medication”

In society we do have a problem that we cannot oversee, because the chronically ill group is growing year by year, the people that are currently ill and not able to work is growing exponentially. Even the number of little children that take medication is growing year after year. I think we have a good medicine for acute problems but for chronically ill people certainly we are missing some points, and we are not really improving people, and we even believe as doctors in our scientific world that it’s incurable. We even tell people that you will have to live with it, you have to adapt your life, you will never heal. So, this has to change because they can heal, we are not really treating chronically ill people we’re just giving them medication, to just temper their symptoms, but when you see what body mind works can do, it can really change people, can really heal them and make them better. I think it’s a must for our medicine to change our views. So, I was interested and I met Matt and it made perfectly sense. When he talked about how it works and I’m sure that when doctors and specialists see that you can heal from multiple sclerosis and Rheumatologic diseases and chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and things like that. I think the specialists will be eager to know how to do it, and how it can be accomplished, because I know a lot of colleagues who are very frustrated by seeing every week again, the same patient in the waiting room and they just try another medication and then the representative from the pharmacy came across and said this will surely help. Then they write another medication subscription. Then a week after the patient’s just back in the waiting room saying it’s no approvement. I think that there’s a future very bright for body mind work and I think our medicine will change absolutely because of that.

“He’d been having terrible problems with nightmares”

Jay’s mum and dad approached me a few weeks ago because he’d been having terrible problems with nightmares for some time, I think almost over a year in fact. This has been affecting the sleeping patterns and you can imagine it was having a bit of an impact on the whole family! The family have used my techniques in the manual and Jay is finally sleeping through and actually sleeping longer and longer. He is no longer waking up screaming which was also waking his little sister. Now the house is quiet at night at least. Check out his story in the video.

“A non-biomedical approach. It was real quite unique”

A short testimonial by Professor Mark I Johnson, references Matt Hudson’s work and insights into the mind/body connection.

“Was paralized on my left side of my body”

Axelle Mollin explains how she suffered a sports injury that nearly destroyed her career and future. When traditional medicine failed her, she looked for an alternative approach to regain control using the Matt Hudson MindReset Approach.

“I learnt how my mind works”

Danny Greeve takes us on a journey of how he overcame his anxiety to become an award winning coach, therapist, author and speaker.

“He created solutions for people who was completely blocked”

Luc Kleynjans is a pharmacist and Chief Operations Officer of YOBOO health. In this video he talks us through how he came to find Matt Hudson whilst on a mission to help his pharmacist patients overcome stress and anxiety.

“I couldnt understand how anything could change such a strong physiological response”

Sue Pratt opens up about how her session with matt helped with her anaphylactic shocks. As a chartered Physiotherapist she wasn’t quite sure what the make of this process, so here she is to tell you what she thinks.

“Profoundly changed the way I work with my clients.”

Jaap is a psychologist who works with trauma patients. Jaap has been following and using Matts research to learn how to change human behaviour to get patients out of a state of dis-ease.

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