Sub-Conscious Mind

Subconscious survival mechanisms create mind-body conflict

The subconscious mind is a database of past experiences that regulates our thoughts and behaviour. Sensory data is merged with past memories and future predictions creating a distorted perception of the present. We are all stuck in the past, sometimes without realising it.

Unprocessed emotional experiences negatively influence our perception of reality.
On a sub-cellular level, we are reacting to danger that doesn’t exist.

Subconscious mechanisms that evolved to ensure our safety are inadvertently plaguing humanity with mental anxiety, physical exhaustion and chronic inflammation.

We are at war with ourselves. It’s time to make peace with your mind.

Current risk estimates predict 50% of the EU population will be affected by mental disorders by age 65.

International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research

Plato’s shadows on the wall allegory introduced the idea that we are not responding to life itself, but our perception of it.
The French philosopher René Descartes conceived the mind as an immaterial substance; his idea is still debated by scholars today.
By using the external screen theory we reconcile psychological and neuro-scientific ideas into a cohesive model that can be used for psychological and physiological benefits.

How can we train our sub-conscious

Matt’s subconscious mind training helps people process, resolve and integrate emotional or traumatic experiences from the past that are impairing their quality of life in the present.

When individuals are accessing their emotional memory images (EMIs) via the non-verbal communication of their eyes, it is possible to interrupt the stream of data from their subconscious that signals to their body how to react to the perceived threat in their environment.

By simultaneously holding the old EMI in mind and perceiving the present moment from a place of clarity, clients experience a near instantaneous resolution of their outdated programs.

Think of it like switching a computer on and off, this causes all of the unnecessary background applications to close and refreshes the whole system. You can now see your thoughts, actions, beliefs from a clear state of mind without past experiences/traumas clouding it.

Matt’s approach is unique, in that he focuses on the solution and not the problem.

Accessing all of the information he needs to resolve his client’s issues with non verbal communication. Matt does not need to know what the original event was, clients do not need to re-live the trauma of their past. This is one of the things that puts many off traditional therapy or counselling…with Matt’s technique you don’t need to re-live it all!

Matt’s mental coaching sessions are fun and engaging, with plenty of humour and focus to bring you a deeper awareness of YOU.

Once the emotional memory images (EMIs) are updated, then our perception and experience of reality shifts dramatically.

Fear, rigidity, and helplessness are replaced with confidence, joy, and a firmly established self-belief.

Matt’s mental coaching works on a subconscious level, often resolving issues that have persisted for a lifetime in seconds. Discover a version of yourself that appreciates and enjoys life to the max.

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Sub-Conscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a database of past experiences that regulates our thoughts and behaviour

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