External Screen Model

Evidencing the holographic workspace that sits outside of the body within the human biofield. The missing link, the actual cause of stress.

“The Holy Grail” as one trauma specialist puts it, or the next natural step in human evolution, as the External Screen Model answers ‘WHY’ our neurology reacts the way it does.

The Hudson Mind Process reconciles psychological, philosophical and neuroscientific ideas into a single model of psychophysiological dis-ease. This can apply in multiple contexts including therapeutic, business and education.

The external screen model relates to the human biofield. Imagine you have an invisible screen directly in front of you at arm’s length. This screen holds emotional memory images from our past experiences. These experiences then influence our future actions, thoughts and feelings in similar situations.

Using the Hudson Mind Process we can clear the screen, leaving you to experience life without those limiting beliefs or emotional traumas affecting your everyday decisions.

Biofield Science

The Biofield stores emotional experiences and as we go through life, memories, traumas and limiting beliefs create energetic imprints

External Screen Model

The External Screen Model answers ‘WHY’ our neurology reacts the way it does

Sub-Conscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a database of past experiences that regulates our thoughts and behaviour

General Adaption Syndrome

There are three distinct stages of response to stress.
Stage three can be common and deadly

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication accounts for as much as 93% of your
communication with others

Academic Papers

Dive into my academic articles to learn how I am staying at the cutting edge of science to better understand your mind

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