I’m an accomplished writer and below are some of my self-help books. These books can start you on the journey to an easier life…
Stop getting in your own way, Love the right way and get the freedom you deserve.
Learn to nurture, and develop your child using fun techniques, and manage your time to get the best out of you!
Check them out and tell us what you think?

sabotuer within a book by Matt Hudson

At last, a book that not only shows you why you self-sabotage your health, wealth, relationships and business but goes on to demonstrate how to successfully transform those situations. You, like me, may have tried making changes in your life only to find your efforts dashed against the rocks of time, by your very own saboteur within!

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t maintain a certain size or shape, or healthy relationship with family and friends, perhaps you have to move around a lot from place to place, job to job, because you just don’t feel that you fit in anywhere? What if you are bending yourself out of shape to fit into a relationship or job that is toxic to your well-being, whilst thinking it’s your fault? Simply put this book works.

What if Love were Jelly Beans in a Jar? a book by Matt Hudson

If you’ve ever wondered how co-dependency works? Then this short story will show you the way.

Love is placed outside of the self and is something to be earned. You can only be deserving of a jelly bean if you have been good, not disappointed me and do what you are told. Did you grow up in these rules and are they still with you today? Do you say that you “feel fine” when you actually feel hurt, sad or angry? Choosing always to stay small and not rock the boat?

The way to freedom comes to those who break the rules; I hope this can be you because you do deserve it.

kids now they come with a manual a book by Matt Hudson

A step-by-step practical parenting guide that helps you to understand and support the most challenging group of people, that you and I know KIDS! (Knowledge, Integration, Devices)

Through stories, metaphors, practical ideas, and useful current theoretical models you will add to your existing toolkit for nurturing and developing any child that come into your life either professionally or as part of your family.

In addition to the manual, there is a ‘fun’-book filled with even more practical tools to develop yourself and your KIDS, to help you all, on life’s journey. Does it solve all your problems, financial, motivational, decision making? NOOOOOO it doesn’t, however what it does give you, is more tools to manage all of the challenges that will, no doubt, be heading your way.

Enjoy the read, play the games, and grow lovingly with the KIDS you develop. Read talk act reflect and above all have fun on your learning journey.

wizard of was front cover

Can’t get anything done or need more productivity in your life? This is the book for you.

Imagine if you could do all the boring mundane things in lightning speed and be able to accomplish great and brilliant things on your own time.

This is a whole lot more than just goal setting and list making, read it now to find out how!

kids now they come with a manual a book by Matt Hudson

Have you ever wondered what drives good people to do bad things?

Why you can’t maintain weight loss, no matter how hard you try?

Why did ordinary citizens in Nazi Germany allow such historic atrocities to occur?

The answer lies within our families. In his paradigm-shattering new book, social scientist Matt Hudson reveals the hidden family rules we unconsciously adopt. He explores how they shape our personal and collective perceptions that drive our behaviours. We venture from the family rules inside the home, to explore why and how these rules result in a delusional society that has handed over ownership of our minds to an abusive paternal system.

Diligently researched and fascinatingly readable, Family Rules Okay explores the unconscious rules we follow as part of our family structure, the extreme consequences of mindlessly following these rules, and what you can do to break free.

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