Biofield Science

WBH (Whole body healing) addresses the human biofield (referred to, variously, as the “energy field,” the “bioenergy field,” or the “living matrix”).

Karen L. Dean
Conference Reports

Evidence for the human Biofield is rapidly emerging from multiple scientific disciplines.

The human body acts just like a biological battery and every single cell generates its own electro-magnetic field. Calcium ions create the positive pole and Magnesium ions create the negative pole. The combined effect of 37 trillion cells in your body with positive and negative poles creates the human Biofield. When cells are correctly hydrated and mineralised within the electro-magnetic Biofield, they produce an energy that encapsulates the entire body.

For thousands of years ancient civilizations have known about energy fields surrounding and permeating the body. Known by various names (Prana, Qi, Chi, Life Force, Vril, Orgone energy) the existence of this vital energy was disputed by modern science, until very recently. In 1992 a National Institute of Health committee was assembled to review the growing body of evidence surrounding alternative therapies.

They needed to label the medium through which these therapies operated and coined the name ‘Biofield’. This mysterious energy Einstein referred to as “The Field”….“the only reality”. Scientists all over the globe are rapidly discovering the critical role this energy field plays in guiding our growth, healing, and cellular communication.

We are beginning to understand what ancient healing practices already knew, that energy is vital to health. The Biofield seems to have a critical role as a control system for the whole body maintaining a very delicate state of balance.

The Biofield stores emotional experiences and as we go through life, memories, traumas and limiting beliefs create energetic imprints. Leaving marks on our very being. Our view of the world and our physical responses become tainted by these imprinted experiences and emotions stored on Screen in the Biofield.

Fortunately, our ability to engineer changes in the Biofield is more advanced than our scientific understanding!

As energetic Images are wiped away the signals of stress and danger stop stimulating the brain and immune system. Clients often experience immediate and dramatic changes from a single session. Medicine is in transition but letting go of outdated chemical and molecular models of disease will take a long time.

The Hudson Mind Process gives you access to this new paradigm of Biofield learning, it is set to radically transform how we view and improve every aspect of our health and wellbeing.

It’s time to recognise the electromagnetic self and heal the whole body!

Biofield Science

The Biofield stores emotional experiences and as we go through life, memories, traumas and limiting beliefs create energetic imprints

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