Are you ready for a MindReset©?

Maybe you already have a good career, personal and professional life, yet you still feel stuck! Something inside of you is holding you back. Perhaps you are 100% committed to your job but you fear committing to an intimate relationship. What you are about to discover has been created thanks to my twenty-five years of experience in this field.

Sometimes I would sit in front of a client, just wondering why oh why won’t you change!

My father always said, “a problem well defined is a problem almost solved”. Yet no matter how many books I read, or lectures I attended, the answer to my clients’ problems never seemed to appear. If you are reading these words right now and you’ve been searching for your own unique answer, then I genuinely believe I’ve found it for you!

When you drop into an unprofitable, negative pattern of behaviour, you do not do it deliberately, you do it nonconsciously. This means that your destructive side is acting out of a hypnotic trance. For some this is momentary as you occasionally do X, Y or Z because you have to, but for others this is constant, and this can lead to a huge deterioration of your mind and body.

What is a MindReset©?

MindReset© is a combination of my 25 plus years of trauma informed knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge research. First time traumatic experiences create Emotional Memory Images, these are stored in your mind’s eye. From this point forward, whenever something similar to the original context or content occurs, your stress response is automatically triggered. This unleashes a cocktail of stress hormones into your system e.g., adrenaline, cortisol etc.

Over a longer period, the stress chemicals can literally erode your physical body: you may even run the risk of losing your mind. Working directly within your mind gives you the ability to clear the root cause of your problem. MindReset© is the process of reconnecting you to you, once fully in touch with yourself, life just becomes easier.

Fear creates a disconnect between your mind and body, it’s this separation that is causing you to feel lonely, anxious, or detached.

How does a MindReset© work?

If you are selected to undergo the MindReset© program with me, as well as the 3 phases set out below, you will be engaged in my pioneering Split-second Unlearning method. Most of your reasons for not living the life you want are connected to fear. Split-second Unlearning rapidly clears these fears.

Phase 1 – Uncovering and Discovering

Working one to one, to help you uncover the root cause of your troubles. There are 7 areas where family rules (nonconscious patterns from your childhood) can be affecting your life today.  You will discover how your mind works and what is blocking you. You don’t need to share your greatest secrets; my work is mostly content-free. The eminent family therapist, Virginia Satir believed that underneath all of our problems, love was trying to break through. You will be guided by me on this journey back to your core, your power. We have different filters pending each context, my job is to clear these filters as we go.

“We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.”

Eric Butterworth

The Map of your mind

Every word that you use, the way you hold your gaze, your facial movements and hand gestures are all connected to the mental map of your mind. Many therapists will spend a long time helping you to uncover your limiting beliefs about yourself and those around you, it’s not wrong it just takes a long time and is highly subjective. There is a better way.

Key ingredients of ‘stuck’

There are 4 mental filters that you will be automatically running in order for you to feel stuck, overwhelmed or even in chronic pain. Booking a MindReset© program is the first step to breaking these subconscious patterns. Learn more.

Phase 2 – New Reality

Working one to one, we revisit Phase 1 with real eyes. Exploring how the changes that you have already experienced are continuing to shift your entire world view. Many clients’ report waking each day with more confidence and a sense of calm and even excitement about the future.

Phase 3 – Infinite possibilities

Checking in, to notice what the most amazing changes have been for you. Life without fear allows you to be just you. Prior to an important meeting, have you ever asked someone you trust, “How should I act?”. Their reply, if they truly knew you would be “Just be yourself”. Imagine living the rest of your life without fear, just being you, regardless of what may come your way…wow!

Is this too good to be true?

This is not woo-woo. You don’t have to chant or take part in any crazy rituals. You don’t have to share your past or even know what the cause of your problems are. It’s not a blah, blah, blah, get to know you and let’s be friend’s approach.

MindReset© is

A scientific approach to removing fears
Tried and tested
Delivered by the social scientist who discovered this unique evolutionary process.

Your investment in you

How long have you had your problem? 1 year, 5 years, 40 years?
How much longer are you willing to put up with it?
Some of my former clients have spent 100’s of £1000’s on years of therapy, I don’t believe in long term therapy.
Consider how much this problem is costing you in lost time, energy and wasted opportunities?
Change can happen at the speed of thought; you can unlearn within a split-second.

MindReset© is my one-to-one signature program, delivering rapid life-changing experiences and proven results.
This is my personal investment in you.


The impact of my work is fast, I personally guarantee that you will notice the shifts as we clear and reset your mind. By having you acknowledge each part of this unique experience, it will become obvious as to how I can give you such a cast iron guarantee.


£5 000.00

The MindReset Package is everything you need to address your psycho-physiological dis-ease.

This package has been specially designed to find, explore, break and check your negative emotional memory images (EMIs).


What’s Included?

This package has been specially designed to discover the source of your problem and clear it. Emotional memory images subconsciously drive a cascade of neurochemicals that impact your motivation, your well-being, and your life. The key to finding and clearing emotional memory images was discovered by me (Matt Hudson). Now, you have the chance to unleash your true potential by engaging my thousands of hours of clinical experience and focusing on you. You will have my undivided attention. You have the answer to your problem, my task is to reconnect you, mind and body, acting as one.

Package includes:

    • Pre-scanning for negative emotional memory images
    • 3 hour one to one virtual discovery session
    • Split-second unlearning interventions
    • Post-scanning for negative emotional memory images
    • Post 1-hour follow-up session
    • Sessions can be taken over and up to 6 months from original booking at the discretion of Matt Hudson 

It’s time to take back control of your body and mind!

Matt Hudson’s Research May Be the Holistic Solution You’ve Been Searching For

Matt’s Research has been used for thousands of years to help protect us from the natural world, but not many people know that they can access this same sub-conscious system that protects us, to clear away dis-ease and trauma. Matt’s research is available for free online. You can access help through Matt himself or from one of the various easily accessible ways he has created. These include books, hypnotic downloads or our new state-of-the-art eye-tracking application MindReset©.

Split Second Unlearning and Emotional Memory Images can be cleared to ease physcial and emotional ailments that so many of us struggle with.
It may help you:

Find Joy Through Healing

Ease Anxiousness

Resolve Physical Distress

Overcome Long Term Dis-Ease Where All Else Fails

Clear Harmful Thoughts

Take Control Of Your Body & Mind

This information is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional. We recommend seeking your doctor’s advice before implementing a new health routine. Not everyone will find immediate relief from their ailments by applying Matt Hudsons methods. However, after many years of experience with this long-used modality, we and our practitioners have seen amazing things happen. From joint issues to emotional trauma, many people have used these principles to support physical and emotional freedom from problems they’ve struggled with for years.

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