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Trauma begins and ends inside your mind, your body becomes a casualty of both

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Hello! I’m Matt Hudson

Health Coach

The past 25+ years I have been studying the human mind in different forms including neuroscience and quantum physics.

My history as a person has lead me to be able to help many people overcome the troubles within their mind that themselves and other doctors/professionals may have not known about.

Years ago, I had surgery on my ears, in post op with the doctor who performed the surgery he said to me “how do you speak the way you do?” I found out he wasn’t referring to my Geordie (Newcastle, UK) accent! He was astonished that I could even speak given the state of my ears! This led me to realise that when I was communicating with people, I wasn’t using my ears, I use other forms of subtle non-verbal communication; watching the hands move, small facial twitches. The finite communication that I am able to pick up on is connected to your neurology… this is what I base my work on.

What I Have To Offer You

"Matt has an incredible ability to help guide people to their greatest changes. His skills as a practioner are jaw dropping, My life has shifted massively thanks to Matt & the knock on effect is huge. His teaching is contagious, it’s great fun learning with him. Would highly recommend ?

Nic Wood

"Matt teaches you how to take responsibility for your own life instead of blaming it on others . Stop living by what others think, this too determines your life . Matt is a fascinating man who teaches you that "if you want to change, you can change too" And it's the best thing I've ever done . I can say I've finally found happiness and peace within myself and it's all because of the classes I took with Matt ."

Hilde Buyse

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Often it is the small things that hold us back from making a positive decision. If you have a question or a concern – no matter how small or large – simply send us an email and we will get back to you with a response when we’re available.


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