We’re Focused on the Root Cause of Mental Health, not the Symptoms

Negative Experiences, Adverse Events and
Trauma are all Imprinted as Emotional Memory Images
and it’s Literally Killing us

Research & Development

Learn how my research can open your eyes to a new approach to resolving your mental and physical illness.

Chronic Pain Recovery

Chronic Pain can come in many forms and it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of these pains. Many people spend years in the traditional medical setting trying to understand and treat their chronic pain without success.

Academic Articles

Dive into my academic articles to learn how I am staying at the cutting edge of science to better understand your mind.

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Hello! I’m Matt Hudson

Health Coach

I’ve been studying the effects of “dis-ease” on the body and mind for over 30 years. Through this process, I have designed and built revolutionary and natural ways to explain and overcome some of the most common mental and bodily ailments. I work at the cutting edge of mental and physical health, targeting the below conscious triggers that lead to you Googling one of the following symptoms without knowing that they all have the same cause.
Which is triggered by Emotional Memory Images or trauma, causing adrenaline and cortisol levels to be too high or low.

My Expertise

Chronic Pain

Stress & Anxiety



Cystic Fibrosis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Speech Impediment

Harmful Thoughts

Isolation & Loneliness

Strained Relationships


Coaching On The Go!

Since starting my research I’ve always been looking for ways to provide an affordable and convenient approach for the masses to be able to benefit from my finding and to overcome common dis-ease of the body and mind. That’s why we’ve been working with some very smart people on cutting-edge eye tracking technology that can be utilised to clear your emotional memory images.

My Approach & Values

My Research has had me pondering on many long nights about the difference between the brain and the mind. We are all aware that our brain is part of our body, but it feels like our mind, our conscious and our unconscious is an entity of its own.

This is where research lead me to understanding The Mind, which is made up of external binary data, or information that we process and in turn controls both our mind and body.


"Matt has an incredible ability to help guide people to their greatest changes. His skills as a practioner are jaw dropping, My life has shifted massively thanks to Matt & the knock on effect is huge. His teaching is contagious, it’s great fun learning with him. Would highly recommend ?

Nic Wood

"Matt teaches you how to take responsibility for your own life instead of blaming it on others . Stop living by what others think, this too determines your life . Matt is a fascinating man who teaches you that "if you want to change, you can change too" And it's the best thing I've ever done . I can say I've finally found happiness and peace within myself and it's all because of the classes I took with Matt ."

Hilde Buyse

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