Fear of Public Speaking (Glossophobia)


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What is Glossophobia?

Glossophobia is defined as the fear of public speaking. It has always ranked No 1 for greatest human fear, even above death! When you think about that, it actually means that at a funeral the person reading the eulogy would sooner be the person in the coffin……..

Symptoms of Glossophobia

Glossophobia will only activate if you are called upon to speak in public. It’s part of the group of fears which come under ‘social phobia’, but this only activates when the spotlight is specifically on you. Dry mouth, elevated heart rate, sweaty palms and breathlessness are all symptoms associated with this phobia. You may feel the urge to run away, this is perfectly natural according to your brain, because at some point in your past something has occurred to scare you and your brain is still running that memory.

The Facts about Fear of Public Speaking

The facts about the fear of public speaking are that is seldom develops in adults. If you’ve managed to come through your childhood unscathed whilst talking in groups, then the chances of you developing a fear of public speaking is minimal. This is not to be confused with being nervous before speaking, being nervous beforehand is natural. You may be uncertain of what to expect such as questions you may be asked etc. This is all perfectly normal and the more you practice this the easier it gets. You can’t practice your way through a phobic response, your autonomic nervous system will override any conscious effort every time. Historically we all stem from tribes, to be ostracised or to step out from the tribe could ultimately lead to your death. This is where old sayings come from, e.g., “don’t stick your head above the parapet” this means you’ll be showing your inward opinion to the outside world which could leave you vulnerable to attack. Another is “don’t get too big for your boots” translating to your current actions may separate you from the tribe. You can see from this that remaining in your peer group is crucial to your survival and our primitive brain knows this only too well.

Fear of public speaking and stage fright

Fear of public speaking and stage fright are both examples of Glossophobia. If you imagine at some point when you were young and vulnerable, you have been in a group setting, usually the classroom and an authorative figure has ridiculed yourself or another member of your group. Even though you may have just witnessed this and not been the person at the centre, your mind puts you at the centre and the impact leaves a mark that will resound from that point forwards.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking

How to overcome the fear of public speaking is to bypass the subconscious stress response, this is the most effective way. As soon as the amygdala has been given new information, you will be able to speak fluently in front of any size audience and look them straight in the eyes.

Hypnosis for fear of public speaking is a relatively cheap and effective way for you to be free of this life limiting and career inhibiting condition.

My Audio Download

Fear of public speaking, also known as Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the number 1 fear on the planet! You stand up to speak and your mind goes blank, it’s a very common condition that impacts the lives of millions of people. 

Ultimately it comes down to how your mind approaches the idea of you speaking out to another person or group of people. If you see it as a large threat, then your primitive brain will spring into action causing adrenaline to pump through your veins, whilst simultaneously shutting down the smart brain, leaving you feeling terrified, isolated, alone and unable to speak. By transforming how you think about public speaking you will be able to use all of your brain to learn that you have control and engage in meaningful, fun conversations for years to come.

Although it’s not a serious condition, having a fear of public speaking can massively impact on your life as you may struggle to ask for a date or a job interview. You may even end up with anxiety attacks about having to speak in public, which make everything a great deal worse.

This audio production is designed to help you, the listener with gaining more confidence when you want it. By clearing negatively charged Emotional Memory Images from your external screen, your mind and body are able to adapt to the present moment, freeing you of the mental clutter that prevents the arousal centre of your brain from functioning optimally. This audio is your own personal 1 to 1 session with Matt, always available at your convenience.

Matt’s calming, assuring voice gently guides both your conscious mind and unconscious mind towards transformation through the left and right ear respectively. By tapping into the body’s psychoneuroimmunilogical mechanisms – the link between the mind, nervous system and physical wellbeing – this audio helps your brain to improve its cognitive processing ability so your mind will be free to run bright, colourful movies where you can reconnect all of your desires, experiencing them fully, through thought into action.

For best results, listen to this audio download first thing in the morning or during the day, every day for 4 weeks. Ensure you’re free from interruptions and distractions when listening. Download now to start building up your learning power and transform your current thoughts into powerful drivers for change.

This audio is a .MP3 file, compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC’s and other electronic devices.

Audio length: 30 minutes.

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