Help for Holidays

Nominate a Friend for a Transformative Journey!

This holiday season, we’re embracing the spirit of giving through our Help for Holidays campaign. It’s an opportunity for you to nominate a friend you believe would benefit from a transformative experience at the Family Rules Okay event with Matt Hudson.

How It Works:

1. Nominate: Share your friend’s story, tell us about the relationship you share, and why you believe they deserve to attend the Family Rules Okay event.

2. Judging: Our panel will review all nominations and select the one that resonates most with the essence of the Family Rules Okay event.

3. Win: The winner will be announced between Christmas and New Year. They will receive a signed copy of ‘Family Rules Okay’, a voucher to download any of Matt’s online sessions, and a free spot at the Family Rules Okay event.

Family Rules Okay: Becoming Whole Without the Need for Approval



The Lucky winner will recieve:

  • A Signed Copy of ‘Family Rules Okay’: Delve into the enlightening insights and practical tools for personal growth and transformation.

  • Digital Download Voucher: Access a treasure trove of digital downloads by Matt Hudson, designed to guide on a self-discovery journey.
  • Free Spot at the Family Rules Okay Event: An invitation to a life-changing event filled with groundbreaking approaches to mental and physical health.

Nomination Form:

Fill in the form below to nominate a friend who you believe would benefit from this transformative experience.

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