What happened to common sense

The past 18 months will give us all many talking points for years to come, good, bad and indifferent, but how are you holding up right now? I have developed Tourette’s, every 10 minutes or so I find myself repeating “It’s criminal! …It’s just not right! …It doesn’t make sense!” over and over again. Many of my friends are finding it more and more difficult to hold intellectual discussions or debates, as they feel too mentally overwhelmed with the current time period. This has led me to use physics to gently explain the current phenomenon.

I hope you find this interesting, I just had to reach out to you and share my thoughts…

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that every physical system naturally moves towards its maximum physical disorder, therefore death is inevitable. (I promise this will get lighter in a few more lines) Physical disorder of a system can be measured by a thing called ‘Entropy’. There has been so much information flung at us from so many different sources, variations of opinions and facts that many of us, according to the second law, have reached our maximal state of information, no more new information can get in.

Think of it similar to a computer, as soon as you have reached or are approaching your maximum bandwidth, your computer slows down, and performance is hampered. I’m sure we all know what that’s like at some point. Therefore, life ends when faced with an information overdose. This would account for why many people have opted to follow what they have been told to do, their capacity for rational thought is at an end, or Zombie apocalypse!

If you are still with me, lets step a little further into what this could mean…

Our complex human life is made up of information which flows through us, around us and between us all. We have a physical part of our body that is innately connected to the informational field, and this is called the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal (HPA) axis.

Hans Selye, the father of ‘stress’ research believed that there was only one disease, namely how a person reacted to a situation. He didn’t hold with the thought that there were many different diseases, but rather our failure to adapt to situations, causes and creates many adverse responses by the body via the HPA-axis. There are literally thousands of studies on the HPA-axis and its role in disease, yet Selye was never truly recognised for his ‘take responsibility and do something different’ view of health and life.

“Failure to adapt in the moment” Selye wrote, “leads to unhappiness and dis-ease” and too much information can cause our own demise, unless we are willing to say “Enough!”. In another book I once read, it said “The truth shall set you free” perhaps it meant break into a whole new way of thinking and become adaptable again.

A doctor friend of mine had built an amazing practice and about 10 years ago, he was forced to retire under very poor circumstances. The team that he had grown turned against him, they put more and more systems in place so that he felt like he would choke. This was preventing him from seeing more patients and preventing him from having quality time with them. As I look at that time now, I realise that he had reached his maximum entropy, it was his time to leave that practice and do something bigger, new and exciting. Today, I saw him on Facebook, out in the world campaigning for a better tomorrow, he’s in his 70’s and still he goes on.

I guess that’s the crux of this message to you, burnout is happening to too many good people, humanity is being pushed and herded to maximum entropy by a tiny few who know how to play the game of not playing the game. This was an idea put forward by RD. Laing the Scottish Psychiatrist who was against the prescribing of drugs for mental health problems. He said:

“They are playing a game. They are playing at not playing a game. If I show them I see they are, I shall break the rules and they will punish me. I must play their game, of not seeing I see the game.”

I wonder if Laing’s words can awaken those who are trapped in the malaise of the current world situation, awaken the silenced to blow the whistle on their masters and set us all free.

So, philosophy, physics, neuroscience and psychology all suggest that putting up with life is actually death and life is just on the other side of fear.

Hopefully we will see you on the other side soon…

10 Top tips to boost your energy!


  1. Move away from a sugar/high carb diet
  2. Meditation, fishing, golf or ironing anything that lets you get out of your head for a while… No, don’t get drunk!
  3. Download MindReset the app that’s designed to clear your mind in moments, use once a day for 2 minutes to help you clear the fear.
  4. Become better informed. Yes, it’s scary at first but the only fear you have is a fear of the unknown, as soon as you have genuine information that you have researched yourself, then your mind will calm.
  5. Uncertainty is the greatest fear that there is. Perhaps, someone that governs your life is consistently changing the goal posts? This will cause your mind to burn up extra energy and you will find yourself agreeing to almost anything. Wake up! Ask yourself are these people consistent and do they have my best interest at heart? Then listen to your gut.
  6. Truth calms the nervous system; have you been hearing the truth lately?
  7. Click here for access to why you need help to help yourself.
  8. Why can’t I just get drunk? Because alcohol is a depressant, so when you sober up the problem will still be there, and it might have even grown bigger.
  9. Go out and speak to real human beings whose faces you can see and smiles you can share, this will boost oxytocin (the love drug) inside your brain, for free!
  10. Share this blog with family, friends and colleagues, let’s get a conversation going, so that together we can find common sense again.

Matt Hudson

I’m Matt Hudson and over the last 30 years I’ve helped thousands of people “Get Well Again Naturally” without the aid of medication. My Natural approach has worked for over 100 different ailments, fears, phobias, illnesses and dis-eases.

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