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Your Guide to 2+2=4

An Extra Learning Resource for Readers of Family Rules Okay

As a thank you to you for buying Family Rules Okay and making it to the last page I have put this short guide together. Your life really should add up and it’s those areas where it doesn’t that will always cause you the most trouble. The following guide gives you some extra insights that aren’t in the book, but I believe they will help you with your maths.

– Matt Hudson

Your Guide to 2+2=4 is a 14-page PDF ebook that will compliment your understanding of Family Rules Okay and help you to become more self-aware. Among the fascinating topics covered are:  

The 5 Rule Metaprograms…  What’s a Double Bind?…
Presuppositions & Meaning Making…  Running an Away-From Pattern…  
The Physiology of Family Rules…  And more…

Family Rules Okay: Becoming Whole Without the Need for Approval

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