How Do You Do Chronic Pain?

Why does Pain persist and become Chronic Pain?

If you have ever wondered why pain persists and becomes ‘Chronic Pain’ then read on, you may just discover that there is a better way to alleviate the symptoms.

Current Science on Chronic Pain and Nociception

Science defines ‘chronic pain’ as any pain that lasts for more than three months. The pain can become progressively worse and reoccur intermittently, outlasting the usual healing/recovery process.

The process of ‘nociception’ is where the brain receives signals from the sensory and motor nerves and translates these signals into a ‘perceived threat’. The translation of the message maybe the cause of chronic pain and so the pharmaceutical industry designs drugs to interrupt the signal to stop the pain.

Body Mind Workers Approach to Chronic Pain or Dis–ease

The BMW approach recognises nociception and uses the proven techniques to engage in the ‘screen’ or your Sensitive Memory Image and directly create a shift in the mind, which in turn transforms the brains perception, ergo:

No Chronic Pain Stimulus = No Chronic Pain!

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Matt Hudson

I’m Matt Hudson and over the last 30 years I’ve helped thousands of people “Get Well Again Naturally” without the aid of medication. My Natural approach has worked for over 100 different ailments, fears, phobias, illnesses and dis-eases.

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